Friday, 2 October 2009

i wonder if they really mean it when people ask you how you are? do they even care? do you ask because you have to? because it's what people usually say to each other?
you tell me.

you know when you have a problem that's bothering you and you tell someone. they always say, do something about it. well, it aint that easy. i've got pride. i've got issues. life is unfair.

okay enough whining. so i heard the all american rejects concert was delayed? im broke. but i need to go for beyonce :(

i cant believe it's already october. how fast time flies.
i really do wish i could be 17 forever.
i liked it this year. it showed me how i've grown.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

the past and the present.
& it's undeniable that some things, they never change.

hi world, im just going to highlight my week holiday that's about to end now.

it was one hectic week. pretty dead in between but happening in the beggining and the ending. really, what's life without drama?

i've got some issues of my own.
some confusing emotional complicated you dont wanna know things going on in my head. heck, i dont even know what that is about.

so school starts tomorrow.
im not going.

that's one more day for me to rest?

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

haih, megan fox.

anyways, it's been a great few days lately.
how about you?

raya has been awesome. better than last year.
great food, great atmosphere, great people.
it's all good.

watched the VMA's earlier and i saw beyonce's performance, and oh man i am excited for beyonce !

incase you didn't know, she's coming here ! yes, malaysia. she canceled on us once but she's coming again. i love her (:

even carrie said if it was between adam lambert or beyonce she would CONSIDER IT. and that means a lot coming from carrie the dieheartadamlambertfan.

i do not want this holiday's to end.
told myself im going to study tomorrow, we'll see.